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Choose Your Path To Recovery

Traditional Approach Average cost: $2,100-$2,200 (deductible, prescriptions, copays) Treatment Duration: High probability of becoming a chronic condition Outcomes: Not great. For people experiencing low back pain, 75% did not fully recover after 12 months. Routinely Consists Of: Primary care visits, NSAIDs/muscles relaxers, imaging (MRI, CT, XRAY), injections, surgery, and then physical therapy/massage therapy for additional 2-3 months. Massage Therapy Direct Approach Average Cost: $800 - $1,200 (8-12, 1 hour massage visits) Treatment Duration: 1 - 6 months Outcomes: Great! Some cases of low back pain resulted in pain relief after 2 visits. Routinely Consists Of: Continuity of care as you return to your massage therapist for all of your stress & pain management needs, including relief from injury as well as prevention, and wellness education/coaching. When you're feeling better you'll have a decision to make. Will you continue with the care necessary to fully heal? Or, abandon the investment that you've made so far? When you continue your care, visits are less frequent, and progress will be achievable. If you end your care before fully healing muscles and soft tissue, you can invite relapse. Whatever your choice, I am here to serve and help support you in your decision. Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know. With so many people depending on you, it makes sense to invest in your health. A program of massage therapy can help you be the loving parent, the understanding friend, or the dependable employee. Invest in your wellness today because you're worth it!

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