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Kenneth Romero, LMT #24339 

Kenneth Romero, LMT#24339

Hi, I'm Kenneth and I am the owner of Dynamic Massage Therapy LLC.  
I received my professional training at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR and have since specialized in medical/clinical  treatment-based muscular therapy. My goal is to help people minimize pain and inflammation by maximizing overall physical functioning, and quality of life.

I am passionate about holistic wellness. Living with my own chronic pain I learned how much my habits have a huge impact on my health. It took years to come to this conclusion but I learned that I wanted to be in control of my health and future. I discovered things that I could do, that I had control over, that made a huge difference in my overall wellness. In time, my physical pain and stress levels were manageable. In my experience, massage therapy allowed me time and space to relax, recover, and heal. My massage therapist at the time educated me on things like managing stress and inflammation, and specific self-care techniques that changed my life. 
I want to help you learn to manage your stress and pain, so that you can get back living your best life. 

Licensed Massage Therapist OR#24339 

What is Dynamic Massage Therapy?

Dynamic Massage Therapy is a collaborative process that empowers people to play a stronger role in their own healing process. It promotes relaxation and releases long held tension patterns. While relief of pain in a specific area may be a motivation for receiving a session, the ultimate goal is to create a greater sense of ease and balance within the whole body.

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