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Dedicated To Your Health And Wellbeing

Therapeutic Massage
* time of service pricing *
60 minutes - $120
75 minutes - $150
90 minutes - $180 

You don’t have to wait for aches & pains to get a massage. 
Preventative wellness is far easier to accomplish than corrective wellness. 
These sessions can include a combination of: 
-targeted treatment for those looking to improve mobility and reduce pain
-reducing stress, tension and easing the mind.
Treatments may include cupping, aromatherapy, and CBD topicals at no additional charge
Insurance / Motor Vehicle
Billed 97124, $32.50/15 minutes, 1 hour max 
You may need a prescription or preauthorization for me to bill your insurance for massage. Direct billing of claims to your insurer is provided as a courtesy.
If you are seeking massage after a motor vehicle accident please contact me before scheduling 

Insurance Accepted: KAISER CHP, Regence BCBS, PacificSource, and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
Please contact me to verify your insurance before your first appointment.

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